Aside from his enviable talents behind a drum kit, Jack is also a prolific writer and producer, distinguished by an unerring ability to breathe life to each and every project he touches. Known for his beat-centric writing style and tireless attention to detail, his innate musicality allows him to hone instantly into the rhythmic core of any composition. Along with an uncanny knack for coming up with a hook, this has led him to become one of the most in-demand producers working in London today.

As such, Jack has masterminded bespoke compositions for clients as diverse as Vogue and Dior to Red Stripe and Miller. He’s also a regular contributor to multiple Music Libraries, including EMI, Audio Network, Hive and Bibliotheque. From full-scale brass ensembles to glitchy electronic grooves, he takes pride in every project he works on, dependably delivering professional, high quality results no matter the timeframe or budget.

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